Bryn y Cwm Farm Pigs

We originally chose to keep Tamworth pigs but quite a few people seem to be breeding them now and so we decided to focus on Hampshire pigs.  These were originally bred in the UK and then exported to the USA in the 1820s.  Unfortunately the original British bloodlines died out and so in 1968 the Hampshire pigs were re-introduced to the UK from America. 

Hampshires are black and white pigs with erect ears.  They have big litters and are pretty hardy. The boars make excellent terminal sires as when crossed with fatty breeds like Tamworths, the offspring put on weight quickly and have a lot less fat and more muscle which suits a lot of modern tastes.  The Hampshire meat itself is also very lean and very tasty.   

“Our pigs and meat have won prizes at the Royal Welsh Spring Festival and Winter Fair, internationally recognised agricultural shows”

Our pigs live an idyllic lifestyle. They are born indoors in one of our stone barns, and after a few weeks they have day trips with their mum outdoors which they find very exciting. At 8 weeks they are weaned and then they spend the rest of their lives outdoors (or until they are sold to breeders or other pig keepers) in either a male or a female herd.